Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DND Pays US Firm $285,000 To Teach French To Canadians

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

In an article in today's Ottawa Citizen it is reported that the Department of National Defence is paying a firm in Colorado up to $285,000 to teach French to Canadian Forces personnel stationed in Colorado.

Yup it seems the Canadian personnel stationed at the North American Aerospace Defence Command headquarters will have the opportunity to be taught French in part time and full time classes by an American firm in the language business.

The students will find little chance to practice their French outside the classroom. Only 0.3 per cent of Colorado residents speak French at home, according to U.S. census records, and that includes those who speak Patois, Cajun and Creole.

Editor's Comment: Honestly, there must be a secret department in Ottawa which does nothing but sit around and brainstorm as to how to give taxpayers money away!


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