Sunday, September 06, 2009

Entrance Island To Lose Keeper

Four Lighthouses To Lose Keepers

In a money saving move the regional director for the Canadian Coast Guard (did you know we had one) has announced that Entrance Island and three other lighthouses will be losing their keepers.

In addition to Entrance, Trial Island, Dryad Point and Cape Mudge will also be losing there keepers.

The lighthouses are fully automated and the need for keepers has been debated for a long time now. Those in favour of retaining keepers point to the number of lives saved over the years due to the actions of the keepers.

It is not reported if the keepers will be given other positions within the Coast Guard or if they will be joining the unemployed.

What do you think? Are there real benefits to having a real live person on these islands who not only offer maritime assistance but also make real-time weather reports, which as you know are quite changeable on the coast.



  1. Having worked on the water for over 30 years, it makes me sad to see the government getting rid of another public service when they should be looking at cutting their own bloated bureaucracy.

  2. Sad to see such an important role on the coastal waterways. When boats are in distress, these safe havens will no longer be an option.


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