Thursday, September 17, 2009

An Example Of Theatre At It's Worst

Liberals Demanding Apology
Without Knowing The Facts

In typical political fashion any event that looks like it could make those in charge look bad, is seized upon by those wanting to be in power.

The spin put on this whole story is absolutely distasteful, to suggest that because a community receives body bags is somehow suggesting they are expected to die because the white guys aren't going to help them with medicine, is beyond bad taste!

Do you think that NRGH has also got body bags in stock? If not, what do you think they do with dead people? They don't immediately go into $10,000 caskets you know.

What would Ignatieff and his friends ask the natives to do with someone who dies on their reserve? Does he not think that body bags serve a very useful service, just in the normal order of things? I am sure people die on the reserve just like they do everywhere else on an ongoing basis.

Until all the background is known this is just another bit of drama the politicians with the aid of the fifth estate are trying to use to embarass the government.

Does anyone know if someone on these reserves ordered the bags? No we don't, so let's wait for ALL the background before running off half cocked!

Of course that wouldn't make for very exciting theatre. Would it?

Note: It is now reported that the body bags were simply a part of 'routine restocking' for 'unknown and unforeseen events'. They are not a part of the 'flu kit' at all. Health Canada officials have apologized for any misunderstanding. Of course "Iggy's' indignation makes for sexier headlines, but is merely another example of the bad drama politicians think they have to play to get press.


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