Friday, September 18, 2009

Fight HST Rally In Nanaimo Sept. 19

Nanaimo HST Rally Lion's Pavillion
Maffeo Sutton Park 1:00 PM Sat. Sept. 9

Be sure to come out and get informed about the HST and how it will affect YOU. Find out if this is just a giant shift of taxes from business to the average taxpayer.

Rally starts at 1:00 pm Saturday Sept. 9 in Maffeo Sutton Park at the Lion's Pavillion.

Speakers List Includes:

  • JANET IRVINE – citizen/host/Initiator of Rally
  • LEONARD KROG – MLA for Nanaimo Riding
  • DENNIS SHAW – citizen
  • GORDON FULLER – social activist/advocate
  • LINDEN SHAW – BCRefed Party


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