Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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Obviously the HST is proving to be a most unpopular move on the part of the BC Liberals and is being met with strong opposition from many quarters.

If history is any indicator this government has demonstrated they have little interest in protest movements given their record with BC Rail etc.

However, this move to the HST with it's less than believable Liberal 'spin' could prove to be an issue many people will finally 'push back' about. There has been no information that would lead anyone to believe that this is anything but a huge tax grab which will suck money out of the average person's pocket and transfer it to business.

There are those who seriously question if this tax in the end will prove to actually hamper the BC economy rather than being the magic bullet the Liberals are portraying it as.

The HST info site at www.HST-info.com will attempt to bring factual information about this tax, how it will be applied, who it will affect and how much money it will cost the average citizen should it come to pass. You will also find useful links and articles about other sites and grass root movements designed to force this government to stop this most unpopular tax.


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