Tuesday, September 22, 2009

HST Protest Goes To New Heights

Who Is That Masked Man?

You may not know who that masked man is, but there is little doubt about his opinon of the HST being brought in by the provincial Liberal party.

Drivers on the Island Hwy were being encouraged to veto the HST by this fellow carrying his placard on the pedestrian overpass by Long Lake.

If you feel there is nothing you can do about the HST, and therefore have decided to do nothing, then you have proven yourself to be right. However, if you want to see democracy work, you actually have to PARTICIPATE.

If you don't think the HST is anything more than another tax grab, let your Premier know what you think, contact Liberal Ron Cantelon and let him know how you feel and finally contact Colin Hansen and let him know how you feel.

Politicians will not listen to you, if all you do is complain to your friends at your favourite coffee shop or beer parlour.


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