Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Liberal Want Election This Fall

Liberal Leader Says
Fall Election Coming

At a Liberal meeting in Sudbury Ontario, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff got a standing ovation by announcing the Liberals would no longer support the Tories. He listed several points on which he felt the Tories had poorly governed Canada as his reasons for withdrawing his party's support.

Prime Minister Harper said he intended to continue to deal with the economy and the challenges facing Canada right now, saying he had not talked to any Canadians who wanted another election.

The Liberals are not able to defeat the Tories on their own and would require the support of other oppostions parties to force an election.

Editor's Comment: These guys seem to have very short memories. Last winter when the 'kids in the hall' were acting up, the Canadian electorate from coast to coast sent a resounding message that they are tired of the polictical games and they wanted the government they elected to actually GOVERN. Are you listening Iggy? The only good which could come from another election would be a majority government if these clowns can't actually do what they were sent to do.


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