Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Liberal's Contradicting Themselves Again

Example Of


Double Talk

Canadians are being treated to yet another example of why politicians don't rank as high as used car salesman in the credibility department.

"The Professor" Ignatieff has come out and said he is opposed to the "Harper Sales Tax" which both the province of Ontario and British Columbia are prepared to bring in. This of course seeming a popular issue for the Liberals to latch onto in an election campaign as opposing the HST would likely gain voter support.

That is what is coming out of one side of the Liberal leaders mouth, yet Premier McGuinty in the province of Ontario has said publicly that Iggy had assured him the Liberals would not oppose the HST in Ontario.

Now in an effort to 'clear things up' McCallum and other Liberal's are saying that Iggy could not have made any 'deal' with McGuinty since he is the opposition leader and has no power to make such a deal.

A Reuters article in the Vancouver Sun reports: "
McGuinty insiders insist the two offices had communicated many times on the issue. They believe Ignatieff's denial has more to do with the looming federal election than a miscommunication between the two camps."

Just more baffle gab and a great example of political opportunism where politicians will say whatever they think it takes to get elected.

If you have been around as long as I have you will remember an election which Liberal Trudeau won by saying his party would not bring in wage and price controls. This move won the election over Bob Stanfield who honesty said he would. About six months after being elected the Liberals brought in wage and price controls!

Or in more recent memory Liberal Chretien during an election campaign when asked what he would do about the GST said he would "scrap the tax". Remember? Does it really matter what a politician says during an election?

If you are wondering what the Liberals REALLY think consider the following statement:

Back in March John McCallum stood in the same House of Commons Foyer and told reporters that the HST is “absolutely what the doctor ordered for the economy.” He went on to say that bringing in the HST would help create the “jobs of tomorrow” the very thing Ignatieff says Canada needs to create and that a Liberal government will focus on.

Meanwhile Federal finance minister Flaherty is now distancing himself from the HST as angst grows in both Ontario and British Columbia saying it is up to the provinces to introduce such a tax.

It is political nonsense like this which sooner or later will kill democracy as fewer and fewer Canadians see any point in participating.


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