Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Little Drama At Nanaimo City Hall?

Rumors Abound Over Departure Of
$219,000.00/Yr. City Manager

Little new is coming from city hall on the sudden retirement of City Manager Jerry Berry with all councillors forbidden to say anything. The only spokesman on the matter is Mayor Ruttan.

Some speculate the upcoming independent performance review, initiated by some council members could have some bearing on the sudden decision.

It seems there is some questions surrounding the need for secret severance package negotiations if the manager has chosen to retire. I thought if your retired, you retired and were not entitled to a severance package.

It will be interesting if anyone in the local fifth estate can do some serious digging and shine some light on just how much senior staff is being paid at taxpayers expense. Another question of interest; who exactly negotiated the contract for these senior positions in the first place?

Not all political drama is confined to the Big House down in Ottawa it seems.

Stay tuned, this could get interesting.


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