Thursday, September 24, 2009

Police Dog Lar and Handler Save Woman's Life

Police Dog Lars and his handler Corporal Dean Muir are being credited with saving the life of a 45 year old female lost in the woods at the end of Doumont Rd.

Officers were called to end of Doumont Rd around 7 pm Sunday night after a female out quading with some friends wandered away form their site. The two males with her tried calling out to her and after searching the surrounding area, correctly decided to call the police.

The area where she was last seen is known as the Wastelands, an area frequented by motorcyclists, mountain bikers and quad riders .Even experienced outdoors men can easily become disoriented and lose their way .

Officers arrived at 7:25 pm and were told the female was not dressed for the weather, that she has been drinking and was thought to be fairly intoxicated. Search and Rescue crews were then notified by attending officers, along with Police Dog Services.

Corporal Dean Muir and Police Dog Lar arrived a few minutes later and began searching the immediate area. Lars quickly covered off some groomed trails and then lead Muir and cover officer Constable Simon Bentley, into what was described by Muir as “extremely dense brush”. Lar took then lead up and over a steep slope and down the other side into more dense brush where their efforts were soon rewarded. Found lying on her side, partially clothed and disoriented was the female. Members wrapped her in their patrol jackets and recognizing the signs of hypothermia called for the Search and Rescue crews to come to their location.

Search and Rescue soon arrived and the female was properly wrapped and lead out to a waiting BC Ambulance .She was treated for her hypothermia, some minor cuts and bruises an kept over night at the local hospital for precautionary reasons only.
“If it was not for the Cpl Muir and Police Dog Lar locating the female when they did, this incident could easily have turned into a body recovery. This incident simply reinforces the high regard all officers have for these dogs and their handlers. By profiling some of their successes, hopefully the general public will also see and recognize just what these dogs and officers bring to their communities” said Constable Gary O’Brien, media spokesperson for the Nanaimo RCMP.


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