Friday, September 04, 2009

Shakespeare Said It Best . . .

"The Whole World Is A Stage"

Our fearless leaders are merely playing their parts in this little drama we get to play out during our time. They take their places in the spotlight and play their roles. Putting on whatever hat or face is appropriate for the scene.

Right now that rascally Iggy is finally standing up to the PM claiming his party can no longer support the Tories even though they seem to have stick-handled Canada through the worst of the recession. Whether they actually really did anything or not, is only pure speculation, but you can rest assured that the Tories will take as much credit as they can for our fairly painless recession.

Then there is 'Critical Jack' who is always able to find something to criticize being comfortable in the fact he will NEVER have to prove he knows what he is doing. I am sure he knows that an election right now would do his troupe no good whatsoever, and in fact realizes they could lose some ground to Iggy and his company.

I presume that Iggy's 'writers' figure they can not appear to be like dithering Dion and realize that if they continue to support the Tories, sooner or later the audience (that's us) will realizes there REALLY IS NO DIFFERENCE and how much influence any of these characters have on the outcome of a global economic recession is debatable.

They of course will all try to convince us that THEY have the magic bullet and that THEY are the only ones who can solve our problems.

They seemed to misjudge the audience last year with their attempted coalition takeover and are going to have to do some serious spinning to convince us that anything has changed since last time they pretended they wanted another election.

It would be really refreshing if the writers of this little play would just have the guys Canadians elected to run the country get down to the business of doing that rather than just trying to change which side of the house they sit on. Unless of course NONE of them really knows how to run the country and they hope we won't notice.

Enjoy the rest of our wonderful summer and do yourself a favour and remember that those guys in Ottawa are just playing their parts and that in another year all of this will once again be forgotten.


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