Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sydney Dust Storm Brings Wonder and Amazement

Sydney Opera House
Shrouded In Dust Blanket

Sydney Australia residents woke up to an eerie site as the worst dust storm on record rolled across their city inspiring wonder and in some cases concern.

One observer said:

"Every Sidneysider woke up, looked out their window and thought, 'Oh my gosh, what the hell's going on?'" Ms. McArthur said by telephone today. "It was quite hard to breathe ... Every time you took a breath, you got the sense of breathing in dirt. It was like you were eating dirt."

"It was just this eerie sense. I don't know how you'd explain it. It was such intense colour that, at that time of day, you got a sense that something eerie or doomlike was going to happen."

While another reported:

"It was beautiful, and at the same time, it was scary," Ms. Silva said. "The sky was the most beautiful colour that I had never seen before. But then, when you went outside, you felt the dust and you couldn't breathe properly. But if you were inside, it was beautiful."

The full article can be seen using this LINK.


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