Thursday, September 24, 2009

Your Share Of Federal Debt

The Debt Clock Shows
Canada's Federal Debt

The Canadian Taxpayer Federation Debt Clock shows exactly what YOUR share of the debt is and what the total Federal Debt is currently.

Remember the government has NO money of it's own and that is YOUR money they are spending - - - - but wait, they are no longer spending YOUR money, they are spending your great, great grandchildren's money.

Do you realize the Federal government is spending $84,000,000.00 each day, ON INTEREST ALONE! Yet at the same time, they have to cut programs here and there because they don't have enough money for that!

Currently the government of BC and Ontario are in the process of bringing in the HST, which will have the effect of moving the tax burden from business to the consumer. The reason given by the provincial government is that by removing the PST from business it will help them expand and create more jobs.

What they seem to miss, is they would have the same effect by simply removing the PST from these businesses, and not moving the expense to the taxpayer. Of course that would mean they would have to stick to their stated goal of not running a deficit budget all the time.


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