Thursday, October 01, 2009

City Manager Retiring??

Is City Manager Retiring,
Quitting or Being Fired?

Could Mr. Berry Get Nearly $500,000.00?

The drama at city hall is still being pretty much played out behind closed doors but some more information is coming to the surface.

The News Bulletin reports that Mr. Berry offered to retire in an effort to cut costs at city hall.

Mayor Ruttan is quoted in the Bulletin as saying:

“In more recent times, Jerry’s position was basically, ‘If you want to save some money, I would be prepared to submit my resignation, but I feel 28 years, almost 30 years of service, should entitle me to recognition by way of compensation.’'

This statement of course raises as many questions as it answers:

1. What kind of a contract does Mr. Berry have which could see him negotiating nearly $500,000 in severance when he 'retires'?

2. Since it has been reported he was not going to be replaced, just what has he been doing for the last 30 years?

3. Who wrote this contract in the first place and why is it not made public, since it is taxpayers who pay the $217,000 salary for this position.

4. The above quote saying that Mr. Berry felt he was entitled to recognition by way of compensation begs the question: " Isn't being paid over $200,000 a year recognition by way of compenstation?".

5. Did the pending independent performance review have any bearing on this decision. After all, if it concluded that council has been paying over $200,000 a year for a position that is not needed, it makes you wonder what the watchdogs of your taxes really are doing.

6. Why is the performance review no longer going ahead, surely the city manager's position is not the only position which should be scrutinized.

7. Who were the councillors of the day when this agreement with the city manager was inked in the first place. Why is it only now that a council is interested in reducing staffing costs at city hall?

8. Where has the watchful eye of the local fifth estate been all this time?


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