Monday, October 05, 2009

Cruise Ship In Nanaimo Sun Oct. 4

The cruise ship Mercury sits at anchor while one of it's tenders brings visitors ashore early Sunday morning under perfect fall weather. Lots of sunshine and just a slight nip in the air.
The Farmer's Market is usually open to greet cruise ship visitors, however, it is also called a Crafter's Market which is more accurate as the produce sellers only attend on the regular Friday market.

Early morning crafters are busy setting up their sales booths to display their varied wares to visiting cruise ship passengers.

After a pleasant time visiting Nanaimo weary visitors head back to the dock to board their tender to return them to the Mercury.

These cruises originate in Seattle and visit Victoria and Nanaimo before returning passengers back to Seattle. The cruise is 3 - 4 days in length.


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