Monday, October 12, 2009

Ex Nanaimo Mayor Voices Support For Ex-City Manager Jerry Berry

Gary Korpan Calls For
Councillor's Resignation

The following letter to the editor appeared in the Saturday News Bulletin over the signature of Gary Korpan. I have not contacted Mr. Korpan to confirm it is in fact his letter, but assume the News Bulletin would have already done so.

The letter states:

To the Editor

The renegade bullies on council who created this 'pay the city manager not to work' fiasco must sincerely apologize to Jerry Berry.

The must beg the widely-acknowledged best city manager in B.C. to return to work to continue to serve the city he loves.

They must apologize to city staff and promise never to interfere again.

They must apologize to the citizens of Nanaimo for breaching their oaths of office. If they have any decency, they would then resign.

Gary Korpan

Comment: It would seem Mr. Korpan is of the opinion that Mr. Berry's departure is not amicable in spite of what Mayor Ruttan says on the matter. Will the taxpayers of Nanaimo ever be told the whole truth? Or will we just roll over as usual and let the powers that be squander another half a million dollars?


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  1. I emailed Mr. Krog and asked him about the $480000 Mr Berry got, and this was his emailed response from his staff.
    It was a contractual arrangement made under the leadership of Gary Korpan for a two year severance pay package, weather he left voluntarily or was terminated.


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