Monday, October 12, 2009

Harmac Gets $27,000,000.00 From Federal Government

Federal Aid Package Helps Harmac

Federal Minister Stockwell Day was in town last Friday and with MP James Lunney made the announcement that Harmac mill will receive $27,000,000 in federal aid to help shore up the company.

The funding is a response to subsidies in the US which offers tax credits to pulp mills using a byproduct of pulp known as black liquor which is an alternate fuel to fire boilers.

The money must be used in three years to improve energy efficiency or environmental performance.

Comment: If the federal government is going to keep throwing money around, I am glad they are throwing some around here. It seems having an MP who is a part of the governing party does have it's benefits. On a more somber note, I hope there are sufficient safeguards in place to ensure the funds are used properly and don't get drained off and into the wrong pockets. Skeptic that I am!


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