Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jerry Berry's Salary Being Paid Twice!

Mayor Announces Appointment
Of New City Manager

In a media release dated Oct. 26 Mayor Ruttan has announced the appointment of A. Kenning as the new City Manager. Mr. Kenning will be replacing Mr. Berry, who took an early retirement a short time ago.

The starting salary for the City Manager position is reported as being $200,109.00 annually. The position Mr. Kenning previously held as Deputy City Manager will be eliminated. The work Mr. Kenning was doing in that position will be done in future by other members of the City Management team.

Mr. Kenning has worked for the City since 1987 and his long experience with the City should benefit the community.

Comment: We were told that paying Mr. Berry $480,000.00 to not work for the next two years was good for taxpayers as it would save his salary. It seems that Mr. Kenning is in fact also being paid the salary I thought we were saving by Mr. Berry's early retirement.
Since Mr. Kenning's workload from Deputy City Manager is being taken over by other staff members, presumably at no additional cost to taxpayers, it is reasonable to assume that he was being paid for doing a job that was not needed.


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