Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lotto Scam Warning

Lotto Flim Flam Don't Get Burned

Richmond RCMP would like to inform the public about a scam that has occurred twice in the last month. The scam is referred to as Lotto Flim Flam.

On October 6th, at Lansdowne mall a victim was approached by a hispanic male and female. The couple told the victim that they had a winning lottery ticket in their possession worth $325,000. The suspects stated that they were illegal aliens in Canada and therefore needed help cashing the ticket.

The victim was told that if she gave the suspects $5000 and signed an affidavit, they would double her money upon cashing the "winning ticket". After the victim provided cash to the suspects they asked her to go into the store to buy some paper for the affidavit. While inside the store, the suspects drove off with her cash.

On September 16, 2009 an elderly victim was approached in the area of Lansdowne and Alderbridge Way . The victim was approached by a hispanic female who stated she had a winning lottery ticket worth $200,000 but she did not have any identification to claim the money.

A male suspect then came up to the victim and dialed a number on his cell phone and had an unknown person on the phone. The victim spoke with the person on the phone who told the victim that it was a legitimate lottery ticket.

The suspects told the victim that if he gave them $10,000 to claim the ticket he could double his money upon cashing the ticket. The victim went to the bank and provided the suspects with the money. The suspects eventually drove off with the money.

Suspects described in October 6th incident as:

hispanic female 65yrs old
hispanic male 25yrs old, 180 cm, glasses, black leather jacket, black pants, clean shaven.

Suspects described on September 16 as:

hispanic female middle aged, average build
hispanic male middle aged, average build

The public should be aware that at no time would any legitimate lottery every ask for money in exchange for claiming a prize.

Cpl. Jennifer Pounds says, “ If something seems to good to be usually is. Do not become a victim of this crime. If someone is approaching you with a similar offer, call the police immediately.”


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