Friday, October 02, 2009

Non Confidence Motion Fails - - - - - Liberals Breathe Sigh Of Relief

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"Forcing an Election, No One Wants"

The first crisis was averted yesterday when the non-confidence motion introduced by Liberal leader 'The Professor' Ignatieff failed to pass the House of Commons.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief (in all but the Conservative camp) as in spite of their posturing no one really wants to head into another election.

The only one who 'says' he wants an election is the Liberal leader who seems to be losing more ground with every passing day, and it has nothing to do with the Conservatives making the Liberals look bad, they seem to be doing that all by themselves. What exactly do they propose as an alternative?

That politically astute 'Man of the People' cleverly avoided voting for the Conservatives yet made sure the non-confidence motion would not pass by abstaining from the vote.

Comment: I have to wonder if the non-confidence motion hasn't outlived it's usefulness as it seems to be a hammer which can be used to bring down the government Canadians actually voted for. If there is a minority government it would seem that is the WILL of the people, so instead of this constant fighting to become the government, quit the nonsense and get on with the business of GOVERNING.

Mr. Ignatieff would be serving the country far better if he and his party were to actually put forward constructive alternatives to what the Tories have to offer, debate the alternatives on their merits for the good of the country and get on with the business of governing, regardless of which side of the House you occupy.

There seems to be little adult supervision in the House of Commons.


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