Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not All DIY Projects Simple or Easy

Some Things Best Left To Pros

A Ladysmith resident learned the hard way that not all do it yourself projects are without peril.

Seems the homeowner was doing some pipe soldering and left the area to get some parts. Upon his return he discovered a fire which quickly spread through the walls and into the attic.

The fire chief is quoted as saying that while the homeowner had taken precautions the fire was preventable. It is a really good idea not to put an open flame up against wooden members of your house.

All these home reno stores have convinced us that we can do anything, just take a 30 minute class with them Sat. morning, read a book or two, and you too have no need of a properly trained journeyman.

I used to work in the electrical business, and on more than one occasion I would get a service call to fix some 'simple' electrical job done by a weekend warrior which had gone wrong. It was only by good luck that some of these guys had not started a fire.

It is a fairly simple matter to change a light switch or outlet, and it may appear you have done a great job. What is not always evident is that your connection, could simply be a fire waiting to happen over time as the poor connection begins to overheat.

If you're going to paint your house or install some flooring where the worst outcome is a bad looking job, go for it. However, if you are starting to venture into areas where serious consequence can result, you really need to pay a professional. They are always cheaper in the long run.


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