Monday, October 12, 2009

Port Theatre Nanaimo's Cultural Event Centre

According to the Port Theatre's website part of their mandate is:

"The purpose of The Port Theatre Society is to stimulate and enhance artistic, cultural and economic activity of central Vancouver Island. The theatre is a focal point for residents and visitors alike, offering a broad range of cultural events designed to meet many diverse interests and needs."

Surely it is a lofty sounding goal which should benefit Nanaimo and the Central Island, to that end the taxpayers of Nanaimo still support the Port Theatre annually rather than being totally supported by their customers.

The question I pose is simply " is that support by all of the taxpayers of Nanaimo justified?".

Penis Puppets Stand To Make $31,840
For One Performance!

The above ad for the 'cultural' event of performing penises stands to make these guys about $32,000 net for one nights performance, a performance I might add that the good citizens of Nanaimo are helping to support with tax dollars.

The profit I am quoting is a simple, quick calculation based on information available on the Port Theatre website. I took the total of 800 seats (actually 804) and multiplied by the ticket price of $44.50 for a total gross revenue of $35,650. From that I deducted $3560 (10% paid to Port Theatre) and also deducted the cost of 2 techs for a total of $200 which leaves a net revenue for the one performance of $31,840. Not bad for a couple of hours playing with your privates in front of, I presume, a youngish female audience.

I am no prude and have no problems with people being entertained by other people playing with their genitals. If that is what floats your boat and makes you laugh, I'm all for it.

However, I do resent my tax dollars going to subsidize entertainment better suited for the local strip bar than my tax supported bastion of artistic and cultural events.

In fact, I have often wondered with ticket prices in the $45.00 - $70.00 price range, why I have to support other peoples entertainment at all.


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