Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pro Elvis Jumpsuits Custom Elvis Costumes

Local Costumer Dazzles The Dragons

Eleanor and Tim Boetticher of Nanaimo bedazzled the dragons with their one of a kind Elvis Jumpsuit creations.

Eleanor who hand makes each custom jumpsuit came to pitch the dragons looking for $30,000 for a 30% stake in her company. In the end the deal was not exactly what she was looking for but you would have to call it a success.

Google the Dragon's Den on CBC to watch episode 5 to see the presentation. The jumpsuits are absolutely works of art.

With over 85,000 Elvis impersonators worldwide, Eleanor feels with the additional capital she will be able to take her company to the next level.

Her website says they offer Stage Quality costumes at a budget price! With prices ranging from $390 - $570 for a jumpsuit and $100 - $150 for a belt I am sure her customers get the best of the bargain.

Her work is absolutely stunning and each is custom made to exactly fit her customers.

To view her complete product line or to get more information visit her website using this Nanaim Info LINK.


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