Thursday, October 15, 2009

Psych Patient Shoots Security Guards

Armed With Replica Pellet Gun
Patient Makes Bid For Freedom

Three security guards at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital escaped uninjured last night after being fired upon by a psychiatric patient in possession of a replica 9mm pellet gun.

Nanaimo RCMP were called to the hospital at 6:30 pm last night to assist security who were attempting to subdue the patient ,a 33 year old male,armed with a pellet gun and attempting to leave the hospital.

By the time members arrived, the patient had been controlled and escorted to a secure room on the psychiatric ward. The pellet gun had also been seized and secured.

Officers determined from witnesses the incident began when the patient was told he could not leave the hospital. He became irate and needed to be restrained by security. It was during this struggle, the pellet gun was produced and the male fired upon the officers.

”Our members can certainly appreciate how the security officers felt when they first saw the hand gun being produced. It must have been terrifying until such time they realized it was not a real firearm, said Constable Gary O’Brien, media spokesperson for the Nanaimo RCMP. Two of the security officers were shot several times in the chest and one in the upper arm,however none were injured .

There has been no decision on charges and the individual involved remained at the hospital in a secure room and is expected to do so for some time.The pellet gun in question was seized by attending officers and will eventually by destroyed.

Comment: The Psych ward at NRGH is not a prison and as such security is not very tight, however, being able to get a gun, even a replica into the facility raises some serious questions.


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