Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Seized Pit Bull Guest Of City Until Next Summer

Things That Make Ya Wonder

It is reported in the local daily that the pit bull seized by Animal Control at the beginning of Sept. can't be put down until after a court appearance next summer!

The dog which is known to animal control leaped from it's front porch and attacked a black lab being walked by it's owner. RCMP attended and turned the matter over to Animal Control who seized the dog and still have possession.

The earliest court date apparently is next June and August to have the application to kill the dog heard before a judge. In the meantime the dog remains a guest of the City which will pick up all costs associated with it's care.

Comment: If a 'known' dog continues to attack why in the world do the taxpayers of Nanaimo have to spring for it's care for nearly a year, and pay the associated court costs of the hearing? It seems more than the dog is mad here.


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