Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Smoke Alarm Maintenance Keeps You Safe

You should make a point of testing all your smoke alarms each month, doing it the same day each month makes it easy to remember.

You should replace the battery in your smoke alarms once each year, and don't skimp on the quality of battery you buy. That $1 special at the dollar store may not be much of a bargain after all.

Fire Prevention Week Oct. 4 - 10

This is a good time to remind one and all to pay attention to the safe operation of the smoke alarms in your home. Smoke alarms play a valuable role in keeping you and your family safe in the event of fire.

There are two types of smoke alarms on the market and each has a specialized purpose. The ionization type which typically responds quicker to a flaming fire and the photoelectric type which typically responds quicker to a smoldering fire. For best protection you should equip your home with both types or a combination unit which has both means of detection.

Routine maintenance is also important to see your alarms are operating properly. You should test the alarm monthly by simply pushing the test button which should cause the alarm to sound. If it doesn't, try replacing the battery if it is battery operated and replace it if that doesn't solve the problem.

Newer homes will be equipped with smoke alarms which are wired into the house wiring. If that is the type you have, see if they also have a battery back up feature, and if not, you should add a battery operated detector which will operate in the event of a power failure.

All types of smoke alarms should be vacuumed from time to time to remove any cobwebs or dust which might impede their safe operation.

If your smoke alarm is more that ten years old it should be replaced with a new one to ensure you are properly protected. Replacing a battery operated alarm is well within the skill level of the average home owner, however the type wired directly into the house wiring should only be replaced by someone skilled with the safe handling of electricity.



  1. Why must every 10 year smoke alarms once a tool has to be replaced? Does it have an active period for the function? Is there no specific treatment for this tool? I have been using smoke detectors. Can you explain to me about this?

  2. I am on the board of a homeowners association in Boca Raton, and Premier fire did the fire alarm maintenance and inspection on our buildings. They are committed to working along with you no matter how big or small the job is. They are the best at what they do. Check out their website www.premierfirefl.com or call (954) 797-7692. I would recommend them to anyone.


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