Thursday, October 29, 2009

Swine Flu Confusion

H1N1 Mixed Messages
Really Confusing

Amid all the current media hype bordering on hysteria surrounding the H1N1 flu virus making the rounds, the messages from different 'officials' makes you wonder if anyone has a clue what is going on.

There was the sad story of the otherwise healthy 13 year old who died suddenly after displaying symptoms for a short time. He had been sent home from a clinic hours before he became deathly ill. In this case, I questioned whether they were certain it was the swine flu that was the only cause of this young mans death. As they seemed very quick to declare the cause of death as the flu. Usually autopsy conclusions aren't that quick being made public.

As a result there was another push from some medical quarters to get your children immunized, although this group was not considered to be at risk earlier.

Now for the most recent source of confusion. I heard a doctor this morning saying not to bring your children into the hospital or clinics if they are just displaying flu like symptoms, he went on to describe the virus as just being a typical flu, which most children will simply get over. There was the warning that if breathing difficulties develop, you should get your child attention immediately.

If you listen to some quarters, there are a large number of people in the nursing profession who are opting to NOT get the vaccine as they are not convinced it is safe or necessary.

More than one health official (who is probably just as qualified as the rest) have said the swine flu is not of any more concern than any other seasonal flu. It is also pointed out that in a 'normal' flu season on average 36,000 people in the US die from the flu. Yet, today every time 1 person dies from this flu it seems to make front page headlines!

Of course there are the true skeptics who think this is just another attempt to move even more money into the medical business in the form of all these expensive vaccines being used and the extra funding medical professionals will reap from this latest 'crisis'. Or is it a non-crisis?

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