Monday, October 12, 2009

Told Ya She Was Perfect

Amelia Anne At The Grand Age
Of One Month and Four Whole Days!

You will just have to forgive a dotting grandpa for bragging on his first grand child, after all this is probably the best news on this blog today.

Our son and daughter in law were visiting for Thanksgiving and being too young to be left at home they brought along our first grandchild, Amelia Anne who is just over one month old.

Mom and Dad were saying how demanding of their time their baby is, and how sleeping is but a fond memory. However, I think they are both exaggerating based on the perfect little angel we observed over the weekend.

Barely a peep when she needed feeding or changing or burping and slept right through Thanksgiving dinner allowing both mom and dad to enjoy their meal together for a change.

Joking aside, both mom and dad are very attentive, caring and loving parents who are quickly learning that all those baby advice books are full of baloney!


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  1. Grandkids are the reward for our own "adventures" bringing up our kids. They are so delightful, you can surely be forgiven for crowing a bit about your gorgeous granddaughter. She is an absolute doll!


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