Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Walk In The Park On A Fall Day

Electricians install strings of lights atop the Lion's Pavillion

A splash of fall color Nanaimo style

Empty park benches waiting to rest the weary walker

Gardeners clean up the beds preparing for the coming winter

Few people and lots of wide open space in Maffeo Sutton Park

Maffeo Sutton Park On A Fall's Afternoon

One of Nanaimo's favourite parks is preparing for the coming winter's rest when only the most ardent outdoors enthusiasts make regular visits.

The fall colors are showing on the trees and without the fall winds to send them to the ground the leaves are making an excellent showing for those taking the time to notice.

Gardeners are busy cleaning up the flower beds making them ready for winter's rest while the Lions Pavillion gets lit up by a local electrical company. I don't know whether this is in preparation for the Torch parade or just putting on some winter lights.

If the rains hold off (or even if they don't) why not take some time to enjoy our downtown jewel by the water. If you aren't fond of crowds this is an excellent time to enjoy the park.


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