Friday, October 16, 2009

Young Family Burned Out

How Charitable Are Local Charities?

The story above appeared Thursday in the Daily News and repeated again today in the Harbour City Star. It tells the story of a young family who have lost all their possessions in a fire which destroyed their rented townhouse.

The story includes a number for those in the community who would like to help them and it is 250-618-9129.

Naturally the stories are appealing to the general public to offer a helping hand to someone who obviously really needs it. This young family has a three year old and in a couple of months their second child will be born. Like most, I am sure they are just getting by and most likely renter's insurance was just one of those items that seemed to overstretch the budget. So do what you can to help this young family and encourage them.

Now to the point of the headline "How Charitable are Local Charities?".

The local Salvation Army is within walking distance of this young couples home and they are within spitting distance of Value Village.

Both of these establishments have shelves and racks and floor space filled to overflowing with furniture, housewares clothing etc. which have been donated by local residents wishing to see their unused items find a good home, and in the process perhaps do a little good.

While Value Village does not pretend to be a charity, if you listen to some of their 'pitches' over the intercom they allude to the good they do the local community.

The Salvation Army on the other hand has built it's entire existence on the good work they do, and proudly proclaim on their website that they 'Give Hope Today' and they are the largest non-governmental provider of social services in Canada.

I wonder if anyone from the Army has stopped by to see this unfortunate couple and invite them to come to their store just down the road and help themselves to whatever they need to put their lives back together? Or do they only sell that stuff that fills their store?


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