Monday, November 30, 2009

Another Way To Look At Election Results

The following numbers are based on the total number of eligible voters being 60,578 for the last municipal election. The % of votes is based on the actual number of votes each candidate received as a % of total eligible voters. The balance shows the % of eligible voters who said 'no thanks'.

Mayor J. Ruttan received 14.9% while 85.1% said 'no thanks'.

Councillor B. Bestwick received 17.7% while 82.3% said 'no thanks'.

Councillor J, Kipp received 14.7% while 85.3% said 'no thanks'.

Councillor D. Johnstone received 12.1% while 87.9% said 'no thanks'.

Councillor B. Holdom received 12.0% while 88% said 'no thanks'.

Councillor Sherry received 11.6% while 88.4% said 'no thanks'.

Councillor McNabb received 10.7% while 89.3% said 'no thanks'.

Councillor Unger received 10.3% while 89.7% said 'no thanks'.

Councillor Pattje received 10.1% while 89.9% said 'no thanks'.


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