Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Board Chair Says BC Ferries Doing Great Job


VICTORIA – I am extremely proud of BC Ferries’ accomplishments since 2003. The Board, management and employees have all contributed towards advancing the company from a dysfunctional crown corporation to a financially sound and progressive commercial enterprise.

Over the last number of years, BC Ferries has overhauled a large portion of its fleet and invested over a billion and a half dollars in its vessels, terminals and systems. During this same period, BC Ferries has returned $490 million to the people of British Columbia.

Success speaks for itself and our customer service ratings are at their highest levels ever. BC Ferries is now regarded as one of the leading ferry transportation companies in the world.

The advances achieved over the last half decade were due to a number of important contributing factors. These included: independence from political interference, strong Board and management leadership, independent financial borrowing capability and sound commercial business practises.

Since BC Ferries was created as an independent enterprise six years ago, its entire decision making, policies, and practises have been built on a commercial business platform.

The BC Ferries Board of Directors is currently reviewing the Comptroller General’s report and will meet with the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure once a suitable time can be arranged.

Elizabeth J. Harrison QC

BC Ferries’ Board Chair

BC Comptroller General Says
BCFS Board and Execs Overpaid

CEO David Hahn made over $1,000,000.00 and four more executives each made around $500,000.00 which is significantly higher than that paid by several larger public sector entities.

The comptroller general's 97 page report can be viewed using this LINK in which not only are above average wages reported but the fact the board and executives are accountable only to themselves. For example board chair, Elizabeth Harrison made $154,000.00 for her work and other board members were paid between $67,000.00 and $91,000.00.

The comptroller cites unfair wage comparisons which have been used to justify the extremely high salaries being paid the top brass.

Transportation Minister Shirley Bond, who requested the review, said she is not yet ready to make any changes as a result of the report.


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