Thursday, November 05, 2009

Canadian Labour International Film Festival

The Canadian Labour International Film Festival (CLIFF) is the first ever nationwide celebration of films about the struggles and triumphs of working people – and this event is coming to Nanaimo! CLIFF Nanaimo will be bringing an afternoon of feature films and shorts that promise to be provocative, thoughtful and always entertaining. For more information see

Feature Film Schedule

Each of the two sessions will include a selection of short films including: Justice for All (Legal Aid problems in B.C.), Painting Red Square (finding a place in Whitehorse for a pint and politics), Northland: Long journey (life, death and justice for a miner), Hold the Line (CUPE workers struggle against clawbacks in Windsor Ontario)

Poor No More
(Dir. Bert Deveaux, 2009)

In the present economic crisis with industries collapsing and commodity prices falling many Canadians a destitute and many others are on the brink. Against this climate, a couple of Canadians go on a road trip to Ireland and Sweden, with comedian Mary Walsh as their guide, and get a chance to see how other countries have helped people like themselves. This movie will break your heart, split your side and open your mind to new possibilities. Not the least of which is: If other countries can do it, why can't we?

Los Mexicanos : The Struggle for Justice of Patricia Perez
(Dir. Charles Latour, 2007)

Every year, some 4000 migrant foreign workers coming mostly from Mexico labour in Quebec farms to plant and pick our vegetables. In the summer of 2006, Patricia Perez, a pro-union militant speaking for the UFCW, launches a major drive to organize the workers in several farms South of Montreal. She struggles to protect them by bringing them under a union that would give them the same rights as Canadian agricultural workers. This film is about the injustices of globalisation not in the Third World, but here at home in Canada.


The Philosopher Kings
(Dir. Patrick Sheen, 2009)

A non-fiction tale goes deep into the most well-respected and prestigious universities to seek wisdom from the people who see it all and have been through it all: the janitors.

Canadian Labour International Film Festival
Saturday, November 28th
Building 356, Room 109, Vancouver Island University (VIU)


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