Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Collective Seeks To Raise Poultry

Raising Poultry On Small City Lots

The Nanaimo Poultry Collective spokesman Mr. J. Schroeder made a presentation to city council to amend a city bylaw which would result in being able to rear poultry on small city lots.

His well prepared and presented demonstration cites the OCP as reporting a concern for local residents is a reliable source of good food. Making the point that eggs you have raised on your own yard meets all that criteria simply makes sense in a community that imports nearly 90% of it's food.

All of council with the exception of Councilor Sherry were in favour of a motion which would have city staff review the bylaw with an eye to allowing a small number of poultry on city lots less than one third of an acre in size.

Councilor Sherry opposed the motion saying he was very familiar with the problems which have been created in the past when residents were allowed to raise their own poultry.



  1. I am thrilled that you have encouraged city council to consider allowing chickens on city lots. I look forward to having my own small flock - something I've always wanted to do, though I am a complete novice.
    Great work and thank you for your efforts!
    Kim Challis

  2. we live on 1/2 acre lot (for the past 25 years) and have had hen flocks of up to 12 over the years. It was legal to do so in Nanaimo for quite some time, I am not sure when the bylaws changed. My neighbours do not complain about my 6 hens, even though one is afraid of them, she still brings her grandchildren over to see them. I compost the shavings & manure to use on my vegetable garden and share the eggs we receive. They are a great learning experience for my family and I would say just as loveable as the family dog or guinea pig.
    My suggestion would be for someone to make a resource available for the city folk to easily dispose of their unwanted hens.. such as I've seen advertised on a european website http://www.omlet.co.uk/homepage/homepage.php

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