Thursday, November 26, 2009

Former Mayor Offers Suggestion

Mr. Korpan Suggests Councillors
Should Be Personally Liable

The following letter appears this morning in the Daily over the signature of Gary Korpan. It offers food for thought although raises more questions.

Letter to editor:

"A substantial part of city council's proposed tax increase would be averted if the council majority required the renegade bullies who caused the 'Let's pay the best city manager in B.C. NOT to work' fiasco to personally reimburse Nanaimo taxpayers for the wasted $500,000.00"

Gary Korpan


  • Would previous councils also be required to reimburse taxpayers for wasteful spending?
  • The $500,000 is described as a 'substantial' part of the tax increase, it is also just about the same amount we have been paying for the Port Theatre, for how long now?
  • It could be argued that the VICC is costing taxpayers at least $1,000,000.00 annually just to keep the doors open. Add to that the cost of building it in the first place, and you are talking about REALLY substantial tax dollars.
  • What was the cost to remove the civic arena and the foundry which likely was only done to pave the way for Millennium's condo deal.
  • How could a 'minority' of renegade bullies force a $250,000/year senior staffer to roll over and give it all up? After all in another few years, these councilors will be gone and a new batch will be taught by Mr. Berry.
  • Under previous councils it is now revealed they were paying a deputy city manager a couple hundred thousand to do a job that does not need doing.
Mr. Korpans letter raises more questions that need a serious answer to. It is refreshing however, for politicians to suggest they should actually be held accountable and accept personal responsibility for actions taken while in office.

Where is Mr. Cantelon and Manhas these days? They were the cheerleaders for the $100,000,000.00 (built without tenders) convention centre we will be paying for, for years and years. Maybe they should pony up and reimburse taxpayers also.


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  1. The employment contract Mr.Berry made with the City was negotiated during Mayor Korpan's time in office.Perhaps he is the one who should be contributing funds back to the taxpayers for his friend's good fortune.


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