Thursday, November 05, 2009

Gary Ansell Photography "Mostly Natural"

Nanaimo Arts Council
November 2 - 30th

‘Mostly Natural’, the Nanaimo Arts Council gallery show for the month of November, features the photography of Gary Ansell.

Gary’s subject matter is very eclectic, with a special interest in the scenery and wild plants of Vancouver Island. He notes that his aim is to produce striking and beautiful artistic images, from scenic vistas to the tiny delights found only by getting up close to nature. “My photographs may set a mood, but are not intended to have hidden interpretations - what you see is what you get. During my regular backwoods ramblings, I’m constantly encountering new vistas, infinite varieties of greenery and of course, fascinatin’ fungi, foliage and flowers - all photogenic”.

Gary was born in Toronto. He left there at age 18 to pursue an education and a career as a geologist and mineralogist. Since then, he has worked in every province and territory of Canada. His last 25 years of employment was with the Geological Survey of Canada in Ottawa, where he was curator of the National Mineral Collection. Gary painted with watercolours for several years, but on obtaining his first digital camera in 2000, focused on producing enhanced photographic work.

The Nanaimo Arts Council gallery is located in at #259 in Nanaimo North Town Centre. For more information call 250-729-3947 or visit


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