Tuesday, November 10, 2009

If There Is Nothing To Hide

Federal NDP MP Olivia Chow in an effort to get Ottawa to release details of Lisa Raitt's expenses during her tenure as CEO of the Toronto Port Authority is quoted as saying:

"If there is nothing to hide, then why don't they just say, 'There they are and here are the details' – and, yet, none of those details have been forthcoming," Chow (Trinity-Spadina) said at a news conference Sunday.

It is a sentiment expressed by a great many Nanaimo taxpayers with regards the nearly half million dollar payment they have made to ex city manager Jerry Berry courtesy of this current Nanaimo City Council led by Mayor Ruttan.

So to echo Olivia; " if there is nothing to hide make the details public ", after all it is our money you are throwing around.

This is probably the single most defining thing this council will be remembered for come next election. They really have done little else.

If you would like to see an independent review of this entire matter, sign the 'Golden Handshake' petition, which to date has been signed by almost 260 people.


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