Monday, November 16, 2009

Kitchen Waste Recycle Program In Nanaimo

Kitchen Waste Collection Starts In 2010

After a successful test program the city has decided to make the collection of kitchen waste available to all of Nanaimo. You will have to pay a one time fee of $28 - $30.

It is hoped the new system combined with existing recycle programs will divert up to 75% of waste from the landfill.

Residents will now be able to sort their waste into three groups; kitchen waste including "dirty" paper such as pizza boxes and food wrappers, regular recycling and finally waste.

It is being reported that we can also expect curbside pickup to be reduced to every two weeks from the every week schedule and also can expect another increase in fees.

To view the online version of the City's fall edition of "The Waste Line" you can use this LINK, the print version was also delivered to your door the other day.

Comment: Being a rather naive and simple fellow I would have thought that reduced service might equal reduced fees! Like, maybe half of what I am currently paying. A cynic might see this as just another way of increasing taxes, but because you can call it 'fees' you don't have to say you are increasing taxes!
Now, where are those rose colored glasses??


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  1. I absolutely HAD to leave a comment when I saw this article. This city has the most ridiculous recycling program I have ever seen. I moved from Ontario where everything you use is recycled or picked up at your curbside!....This city does not recycle glass! It is expected that the individual takes any applicable containers etc to a bottle depot to get their money back....okay, I'm sure that is fine for individuals with a vehicle. What about seniors who don't drive? or any individual unable to drive themselves to a depot! Does the city expect them to collect their returnables, put them in a bag and drag them on the city bus? Honestly! MAKE GLASS RECYCLABLE!


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