Friday, November 13, 2009

Nanaimo Bars Are A Great Ambassador

Nanaimo Bars World Famous

On our other website there is a page devoted entirely to different Nanaimo Bars which of course includes the original recipe.

From time to time I will get emails from readers asking different questions about our famous bar and quite often people are not familiar with custard powder which is one of the ingredients in the original recipe.

I got such a request the other day from a reader and replied with the usual explanation about Birds custard powder and how it is easy to find in the baking good section. I did point out that I have heard of substituting vanilla pudding mix but having never used it myself I could not vouch for the results.

I got a thank you reply along with the explanation as to why the question about Nanaimo bars. Apparently an 11 year old boy in Michigan USA is doing an oral presentation on British Columbia for school and will be serving our famous bars during his presentation.

You just never know what a great ambassador for BC and particularly Nanaimo those tasty non-fattening treats, have become. You can check out the Nanaimo Bar recipe page using this LINK.


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