Monday, November 02, 2009

Nanaimo Weekend ReCap

Just 'Ducky'
One of the Morrell Wildlife Sanctuary residents takes a leisurely cruise on the pond among the reeds on a grand Sunday afternoon. Guess this guy's not going to Florida for the winter!
Apple Pie Anyone?
The apple trees around Nanaimo are just crying out 'apple pie, apple pie', or perhaps it was apple cider. In any case the trees are laden with their fall bounty just ripe for the pickin'.
Anglers Try Their Luck

Anglers enjoy a sun drenched afternoon dipping a line by the Nanaimo Waterworks on Nanaimo Lakes Road. The stocked pond did not yield any supper while we were present, but on an afternoon like this, a fish is just a bonus anyway.

This and That

VI RAIDERS trounce the Rams 50 - 14 to gain the BCFC provincial championship crown. The Raiders have a 12 - 0 record this year and will host the Canadian Bowl national junior football championship game, Nov. 14 at Caledonia Park.

Olympic Torch Relay went off without a hitch Saturday evening and the crowds gathered at Maffeo Sutton Park enjoyed a great evening of entertainment topped off with fireworks under clear skies without a drop of rain anywhere.

Clocks Back if you forgot to turn your clocks back Saturday night you will be at work an hour earlier than anyone else today. If you are, go to Timmies and grab an extra coffee and donut.


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