Thursday, November 05, 2009

Olmpic Spirit For Sale

A Cherished Memento
Or Quick Money Maker?

Apparently if you shop around you can buy your own piece of 2010 Olympic spirit, if you have the cash!

This torch is listed on eBay for the low, low price of only $2500 US, a good return on a $400 investment.

You have to wonder just what is the 'spirit' of the Olympics? Did our government and those behind the Olympic bid really do it for the 'spirit' of the Olympian??

I'm an old guy, and with age comes skepticism, but I kind of think that a lot of people are just chasing a whole lot of dollars and wouldn't know what the true Olympic spirit ever was. I remember way back (just after the flood) when Olympic athletes couldn't take a nickel from anyone for fear of jeopardizing their 'amateur' status. That was long before so many athletes were chasing the gold which is not given out on the podium.

I couldn't help but wonder just what drives some of these 'athletes' as I listened to an Australian gold medal Olympian the other day. Her sport was ski jumping and I think she won several medals at the Salt Lake games. During her career she said she had broken both ankles, had reconstructive surgery on both of her knees, had dislocated her shoulder and had suffered many concussions among other injuries she cited. She was boasting as to how tough the Aussies are and how you just have to keep 'soldiering' on if you are going to claim the gold.

I wonder how often her bones and joints will remind her of the price she paid. I wonder if the price she is paying, was worth the payday?

Just a thought.


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