Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Press Decorum an Oxymoron??

The guy in the hood looks like he thinks he is part of the honor guard. He is standing practically in between the two RCMP officers. Decorum?

The yellow letter 'P' stands for press or pest, take your pick. In this photo the press outnumber official participants. Decorum?

This guy has a lens capable of shooting the far side of the moon, yet he seems to think it's ok to practically stick his pentax up this guards nose! Decorum?

I Repeat is Press Decorum an Oxymoron?

While attending the Remembrance Day Ceremony this year I observed two things which I think could be improved upon for next year.

The first is the obvious lack of any kind of decorum on the part of the news crews taking still and video images of this event. I realize they have been sent to 'get a picture or some footage for the 5 o'clock news' and they are 'only doing their jobs'.

BUT ...... at one point in the ceremony there were no less than seven people with either video or still cameras buzzing about taking pictures for their companies. None, of them seem to have any appreciation for the purpose of the ceremony at all, even during the observed silence they were flitting here and there, snapping and whirling away!

Some practically sticking their cameras up the nose of the honor guard on the four points of the memorial. You would think they thought this whole ceremony was simply staged for their benefit to see if they could get the next award for outstanding photo journalism.

Some of the identifiable members of the press included A Channel, Chek News and Shaw TV. I am sure the Bulletin and the Daily were also represented.

I suggest that next year, all press be excluded from the paved area around the war memorial and if they want to get pictures, they need to come early and scope out a good spot before the crowds get there. For the purpose of what they are covering, from any number of good fixed locations, given today's camera gear they will be able to get all they need in the way of pictures.

My second suggestion is that the City spring for another few thousand (it's only tax money anyway) and buy a couple of large tents so that the local Ford dealership can't be making promotional hay out of what should be a most solemn event. It does not need the taint of commercial promotion attached to any part of it.


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