Monday, December 07, 2009

Cold For Nanaimo

Next Few Days Will Be Freezing!

While our friends in other parts of Canada would likely laugh at us because we might actually see freezing temperatures, those of us used to balmy west coast temperatures might not think it funny!

Yes, you should have made sure the anti-freeze in your car is still good, and no you can not get away with just plain water in the windshield washer reservoir. Garden hoses should be drained and water wands and nozzles should be inside away from freezing temperatures if you want to use them again next year.

Those exotic plants which only grow on the west coast will also need some special attention if they are to see next spring also.

In the meantime enjoy the blue skies and sunshine and just dress for the temperatures and be glad we don't have to shovel any of the white stuff! At least not yet anyway.


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