Friday, December 18, 2009

Ex-City Manager Has New Job?

Mr. Berry Working For Pemberton?

The local Daily reports that Mr. Berry has taken a job with the village of Pemberton. The village of less than 3,000 can't likely afford Mr. Berry's $200,000 + salary so perhaps it will turn out that the good citizens of Nanaimo will be paying his salary for the benefit of our friends in Pemberton.

According to the deal our city council struck with Mr. Berry, he can earn up to 75% of his salary after six months without affecting his severance being paid by the city. During the first six months monies earned would reduce his severance being paid by the city, but a smart guy might just work for gratis for the next three months and then collect whatever salary Pemberton can pay and still collect his full severance from Nanaimo.

Remember, you have the current council to thank for this generous package being paid to Mr. Berry.


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