Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nanaimo Snowfall

The Weather Outside if Frightful! Last night around 10:30 am it looked like the Winter Wonderland some folks sing about at this time of year. Yard lights were the only source of lighting for this picture, which was taken as the snow falling was actually closer to being rain.

Snow Plowing Nanaimo Style. While clearing the side streets it seems thought a good idea to push snow banks out into the intersecting roadway. Some places do it differently. Actually this morning at 5:00 am it was just as easy driving on the snow as on the cleared patch. This year, the single lane at least is to one side rather than down the middle.
In typical Nanaimo fashion, the weather warmed up over night and the forecast is for rain over the next few days with above freezing temperature, so our snow clearing budget should get a break, at least this time.


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