Friday, December 11, 2009

OKAY . . . . Everybody PANIC ! ! !

Yes That is SNOW In the Forecast

Now is when you wish you had put those snow tires on, or replaced the balding ones on your car. Now is the time you wish you had put on new wiper blades, put anti freeze solution in your windshield reservoir, and actually looked for your snow brush and ice scrapper.

Cheer up, it may not be too late if you rush around like a headless chicken and get in line at the tire shop and snow shovel store!

We banana belt wimps, keep hoping that each year we will be able to avoid the challenges presented to our friends in the 'cold' parts of Canada (who in some places are struggling with -30 c weather and driving snow) but unfortunately every now and then we have to deal with one or two centimetres of the white stuff.

Cheer up, the forecast is for rain by the end of the week, so if the boss will let you, just forget all that winter driving stuff, put another log on the fire and pour yourself a hot cup of cocoa.


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