Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Theft From Vehicles On Rise

RCMP Offer Tips To Avoid Theft

In 2009 Nanaimo will see over 1500 theft from vehicles,an increase of ten percent from 2008 and the reality is most of them could have been prevented.

Crime statistics compiled for the Nanaimo area show three distinct areas where thieves have been targeting vehicles."Departure Bay ,Harewood and College Heights are where the thieves are working and most of the reported incidents involved vehicles that weren't locked said Constable Gary O'Brien media spokesperson for the Nanaimo RCMP. The majority of the crimes happened late at night and thieves entered by way unlocked doors in cars or through sliding back windows on trucks said O'Brien.

The items being taken are small and easily concealed by crooks.They consist of change,sunglasses,wallets,clothing and the latest and most popular item-GPS units. "Thieves will take anything that is in sight ,all of these items need to be taken out of your car or concealed.The GPS units in particular are expensive and should always be removed from your vehicles when not being used.

Always lock your vehicles and take anything of value out or have it locked in your trunk. If you have a trunk latch in the interior of your vehicle, make sure it is locked .Car alarms are also effective crime deterrent techniques."While most of these incidents happened in driveways of homes, please remember to practice what we like to call " Stow and Go" while out shopping this Christmas season ."Stow and Go is simply taking a few minutes to place your gifts in the trunk along with other small items before heading out to a Mall for store .Don't leave anything in plain view for criminals. Don't become another statistic this year and make sure your hard earned money is locked away safely " said O'Brien.


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