Monday, December 07, 2009

Wages & Salaries Consume 65% Of Property Taxes!

$306,546,024.00 Paid In Salaries & Wages
By The Year 2014 Without Any More Increases!

You are reading the number correctly! It is over three hundred million of your tax dollars will go to pay wages and salaries by the year 2014 if there are no further increases which of course would be pure fantasy.

The number is arrived at using the city's figure of $51,091,004.00 for the years 2009 through to 2014. Remember that number assumes zero wage increases and zero hiring of more staff, which of course will NEVER happen at city hall.

To compare your 'bang for the buck', it is reported in today's Daily News that the city will spend $10,651,238.00 on sewers in the same time period and $79,288,960,00 on the city water supply.

Incidentally the total spent on wages and salaries is over 65% of the total property taxes paid in the city.

It is amazing what elected officials and city staff will do when the public just dozes off and pays no attention. Remember, the current city council received about 15% of the eligible vote in Nanaimo, 85% of eligible voters said 'no thanks' to any of them.

If you want to see your taxes continue to go up year after year after year, continue to sleep, council and staff will continue to spend. If you want to see your taxes actually go down, then you need to participate in the process.

Get Informed, get Involved, get your family and friends involved and let council know what you think they should be doing with your tax dollars.

In another ten years, where in the world does anyone think all these taxes are going to come from? Except for government, there are few high paying jobs in Nanaimo, and not everyone can work for the government, because actually they have no money of their own!

What kind of legacy will we leave our children and grand children?



  1. ...and remember that one dollar out of every three of taxpayers money is wasted. Salary freeze across the board.

  2. I totally agree with a salary freeze,but guess what?Senior staff have hidden away lots of money in the 2010-2014 Financial Plan to pay themselves significant salary and benefit increases in 2010 and thereafter.Just like they did in 2009.They are like a giant toxic octopus sucking the liveblood from hard working Nanaimo taxpayers.And unless action is taken to stop these leachs they will continue as their sense of entitlement knows no bounds.


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