Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Why Your Taxes Will NEVER Go Down

Your Nanaimo Taxes
Will NEVER Go Down

I went to the Financial Planning Meeting at city hall Monday night to see how council discusses issues surrounding your taxes and it was an eye opener.

I clearly understand now, why your taxes will never go down unless there is a serious shift in the way council thinks.
The first and biggest hurdle is the fact that no one making decisions is going to be affected one iota by a 5% tax increase.

To them it is chump change, pocket money, less than they would spend in a night out.
To those on city staff who have seen a 12%+ increase in their wages over the past four years and managers earning in excess of $100,000.00 the idea of forking out another couple of hundred is not worth giving a second thought.

Some of the quips I heard are also telling of mindsets, a few examples follow:

"in all my years on council I have never seen only a 1% tax increase"

"it's only one fifth of one percent"

"it's only $150,000"

It seems an absolute foregone conclusion that taxes MUST continue to increase year after year after year. There seems to be zero resolve on the part of any of the decision makers to hold the line on taxes let alone get serious about rolling them back!

Well, we do get the government we deserve, and if we are not going to actually get off of our duffs and participate we will continue to pay more and more taxes as city hall continues to expand it's
fiefdoms and search for more and more creative ways to spend your money. That is just what this council is programed to do.

Council slogan: "We Spend Therefore We Are".


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