Friday, December 04, 2009

Will It Snow In Nanaimo This Weekend?

This 14 day forecast from the Weather Network only shows below average temperatures for the next 14 days with the possibility of snow on Nov. 12.

This 5 day outlook from Weather Underground is calling for a 30% chance of snow on Saturday morning.

While a bit of snow might be nice for the Santa Claus parade, the problems it creates with driving conditions usually offset the benefit so let's hope the Weather Network has it right with cool temperatures but bright clear skies.

Slow Down When Driving!

Regardless of whether there is snow or not, with these low temperatures roads are bound to be slippery with frost and black ice. Which as we all know is much worse than snow as it can sneak up on you just around the corner!

Give yourself some extra time to get to work, make sure your windshield is clear and just slow it down a notch because if you have to stop and fill out an accident report, you really ARE going to be late for work!


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